Welcome to Integrated Wellness Solutions

Specializing in the triad of health — structural, mental and nutritional

Dr. Jensen's mission is to provide a unique, affordable Chiropractic service specializing in identifying and correcting the underlying cause of your symptoms. This is accomplished by incorporating structural,nutritional and/or emotional therapeutics as required by each individual.

Visits may include adjusting, body work, emotional release work, nutritional recommendations, referral to another specialist, exercise, biochemical balancing or whatever your body may need that day.

The Kinetic Chain Approach

The term kinetic chain refers to the many different muscle and joint systems working together to produce a desired movement. When the systems are working properly, the joints and soft tissue structures are protected. When compensation occurs in a kinetic chain, the joints and soft tissues become sources of pain. By identifying the weak link in a kinetic chain, we can incorporate treatments geared to correct the dysfunction therefore providing symptom relief as well as a long term solution.